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Black Pete's Hiking Secrets Revealed

These luxuries make nature more comfortable and they could save your life - or at least make dying more pleasant.

4. EAR PUTTY. You can get it from the Chemist. It's soft silicone stuff that you use for ear plugs. Comfortable to use and sleep with and effective at blocking out the sound of snorers and sleeping bag rustling.

3. National Parks are cold and hard. A single FLEECE BLANKET will keep you warm and, folded up, it makes a good cushion for those hard benches and rocks. Placed under your sleeping bag, it makes hut mattresses much warmer and less noisy.

2. A HOT WATER BOTTLE is great for sitting outside on a cold night in the wilds and it means you will never be cold in your sleeping bag ever again (as long as you can heat water). A hot water bottle could save your life.

1. An UMBRELLA is wonderful on a rainy day in the bush. No wet weather gear will keep you dry and comfortable on a rainy day as well as it will when combined with an umbrella.The best umbrella for the job is a BLUNT brand umbrella. They can handle the weather no problem.