About NZNationalParks.com

What Is This Website For And Why?

NZNationalParks.com is for anyone who wishes they were out in the bush. Whether you want to plan, imagine, share or relive a walk in New Zealand's beautiful nature - I made this website specifically for you.

When I started this project, it was so that people who couldn't easily get out into the wilds could at least have a good look and explore a bit and maybe get the feel of being in nature. I've loved every moment of travelling and walking the tracks and photographing them and I've even loved building this website.

This is just Phase One of a truly massive job. There is a lot more to come yet, including adding the Paparoa Great Walk and deciding what to do about the Whanganui River Journey. Once they're added, I can focus on Phase Two.

Seeya out there...