About The Making Of NZNationalParks.com

Who Was Involved? What Did It Take?

It was HUGE. An epic undertaking. Just building the first page of the website and making it work was huge. Then the easy bit began... Photographing all the walks.

My darling wife, Ginny, came with me on about half of the walks. We started off staying in good quality motels - and by the end of the first year of photography we'd discovered the nicest place to stay by far. In our tent at a DOC campground. Unbeatable - until we got a 4WD bus / motorhome, which I have now fully kitted out.

I haven't stayed in a DOC campground or hut since about 5 days ago. It's nearly time to go back into the wilds for a couple of nights. I can feel it... (Note: Within two hours of writing this, I was back out in nature taking photos).

In the near future I'll write an in-depth account of just what it takes to travel NZ and photograph all these beautiful walks. Until then, take a good look through the site and I think you'll get the general idea.